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Learn more about our July featured designer, David Moore


I am a dreamer. And dreams do come true. I am beyond thrilled to have presented my first fashion collection at the Johnson County Community College 2022 Fashion Show and Kansas City Fashion Week spring/summer 2022 Show. My collection takes you on a visual journey of self-discovery. It results from a years-long journey of self-exploration and discovery of being othered. I explore the ideas of identity and belonging through pleats, tucks, fabric manipulation, weight, color, pattern, texture, and light. At its core, the collection is a celebration and recognition of the importance of community and belonging. It's about being Asian and Caucasian, Vietnamese and American, and being queer and worthy. Through my involvement with corporate employee resource groups and NAAAP, I realized I had a right and a responsibility to be visible in all of my Gaysian glory. All of my queerness, all of my Asianness. It's taken me many years to realize my otherness was worthy of a seat at the table and that my designs were worthy of a spot on the runway.