Brett Gaines helps underrepresented understand the job search process from a recruiter’s perspective and how they can stand out. He is a first generation college graduate and holds a B.S. in Finance and a Master of Business Administration degrees. He has made it a point to use what he has learned to help others. 

His interest in career coaching came from his time in college. Being highlighted as a leader he wanted to learn how to grow his own skills while also helping others.  This roundabout path has led Brett to HR recruiting at CERNER .  The aspects of work he has enjoyed over the last 6 years have been helping people navigate the overly complicated recruiting landscape, but more importantly helping others understand the process and the tweaks they can make to stand out for the jobs they desire. 

He has interviewed over 1,000 candidates and reviewed at least 3x as many resumes. He has sat on 20+ career readiness panels, conducted numerous mock interviews, and held over 200+ resume review sessions. Every engagement is a learning experience.


Brertt shares his expertise with NAAAP-KC on November 5th!  



05 Nov 2020
5:30pm - 6:30pm CST

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