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02 Feb 2022
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02 Feb 2022
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Join us for a conversation with Jane Hyun to discuss her book, Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling!

An essential career guide for every Asian American—and all their co-workers and managers—that explains how traditional Asian cultural values are at odds with Western corporate culture.

Leading Asian American career coach and advocate Jane Hyun explains that the lack of Asian Americans in executive suite positions is brought about by a combination of Asian cultures and traditions strait-jacketing Asian Americans in the workplace, and how the group’s lack of vocal affirmation in popular media and culture, afflicts them with a “perpetual foreigner syndrome” in the eyes of Americans who don’t know enough to understand the challenges placed on Asian Americans in the corporate environment.

Filled with anecdotes and case studies from her own consulting experience covering the gamut of Asian Americans from various backgrounds, the book discusses how being Asian affects the way they interact with colleagues, managers, and clients, and will offer advice and real-world solutions while exposing the challenges encountered.

For the Asian reader, the book will help them to see the cultural barriers they subconsciously place in their own career paths and how to overcome them. For the non-Asian reader, the book serves as a primer for promoting optimal working relationships with Asians, and will help start a dialogue that will benefit all.



Jane Hyun is a global leadership strategist and executive coach. Often called an ‘interpreter,’ Jane is the leading authority for leveraging culture and diversity to drive business growth and innovation. A trusted coach to global Fortune 500 companies, she is an internationally recognized expert in cross-cultural effectiveness, inclusive leadership, and talent engagement and has worked to close the culture gap for Asian professionals inside global companies. Over the past 20+ years, she has helped leaders navigate change in high stakes business environments and has coached thousands of leaders to increase their agility in the workplace. Her sessions are said to incubate ‘unexpected lightbulb moments.’ Jane has served on NAAAP’s National Board of Directors since 2016 and has been a speaker at NAAAP events, local and national, since 2005.

02 Feb 2022
6:00pm - 7:00pm CST

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